The roadmap to your and our success

What are our major goals?


February 2020 Own Full Bitcoin Node

We run our own Full Bitcoin Node

March 2020 Website launch
  • We finalized our website and went live for everyone.
  • April 2020 Additional features
    • Our referral system is online.
    • Partial withdraw system is online.

    April 2020 Partnerships

    June 2020 Partnerships

    August 2020 Partnerships
Q4 2020 Dashboard, Terms of Use and Office(s)
  • Finalizing our Terms of Use
  • Redesign of the user dashboard
  • Incorporation of our office in Munich/Germany (1st October 2020)
  • Incorporation of our office in Luxembourg/Luxembourg (1st October 2020)
  • Incorporation of our office in Zug/Switzerland
Q4 2020 New features
  • Feature "tax statement"

    (available Q3-Q4 2021)

  • Feature "account statement"

    (available Q3-Q4 2021)

Q4 2020 Introducing ' reserve fund ' (available Q4 2021)
  • We will setup a reserve fund so that eventual losses will be covered
Beginning of 2021 Ethereum Fund

  • We will launch an Ethereum (ETH) Fund (available since beginning of April 2021)
  • Q2 2021 Licence registration
    • Registration as a crypto fund a the financial supervising authority in Europe
    Q1-Q2 2022 Core Updates
    • Update to v2 of our Core System
    • Introduction of a USDT fund for retail,
      professional and well-informed customers
    Q1-Q2 2022 General Updates
  • Activation of automated KYC/KYB
  • Redesign of our dashboard
  • Adding new features as per user requests
  • Getting our long awaited APP live
  • 2022 Our digital crypto bank
    • Yes, our own digital crypto bank goes live! We get you covered with IBAN accounts, prepaid cards, crypto buy/sell and many more features