What is Crypto4Winners?

Crypto4Winners ( referred as “C4W” ) is a decentralized blockchain portfolio trading service in which everybody owning bitcoins can invest in order to make your bitcoin portfolio growing. Just send us your bitcoins and our traders do the rest and you can enjoy a passive income.

Through our dashboard customers and investors can manage their deposits & withdrawals in bitcoin, review statistics and more and more services are being added regularly.

Just checkout our roadmap on our website to be informed about the next services we will be offering.

Yes, the minimum amount to be part of the trading pool is 0.03 BTC.

Trading is done 24/7 and as long as our team gets confirmed trades.

Losses are calculated the same way as profits and if a loss occurs it will be deducted from your balance the same way we add profits to your balance.

We are also in the planning of setting up a “reserve fund” which should cover a part of possible losses.

C4W is the company with a numerous staff and fees including developers, traders, accountants, lawyers, and support team. All these people ensure hasslefree operations and they are working every day to offer you the best service.

We do charge a 20% performance fee on the trades which means if you make profit we make profit too and only in this case.

Our referral/affiliate system is based on 1 level. For each referred user, the referrer gets 10% from the net profits from the referred user. The BTC will be credited daily under the section "Referral" in the dashboard of the corresponding user and can be withdrawn at any moment. The 10% paid to the referrer will get deducated from the 20% performance fee C4W is getting paid on each successful trade.

There is no minimum holding time, you can request a withdrawal at any moment.

However in order to profit at a maximum and to have a maximum ROI ( return on investment ) we recommend to keep your bitcoin as long as possible in the trading pool.

Before you're able to activate 2FA on your account, you will need to install an authentication app that supports "TOTP algorithm", such as Google Authenticator or Authy. Once you've downloaded an authentication app, go into your dashboard and click on top right, click on Two-factor auth to activate.

Which deposit options do I have ?

We do only accept bitcoins and no other cryptocurrencies or fiat deposits.

  • Create an account.
  • Login and go to "My Wallet".
  • Send a minimum of 0.03BTC to your dedicated BTC address.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed, click on “transfer to the fund” and you are done.
  • Watch your balance growing.

Bitcoin ( BTC ) transaction times vary and depend on multiple factors as network activity and transaction fees. They can take anywhere between 30 minutes and a few hours.

After 3 confirmations ( which is normally not more than 1 hour ) the funds are available in your main balance and you can transfer them to the fund.

If a transaction is stuck for a few hours you can always try to submit it by using a BTC accelerator site like Bitaccelerate or PushTX BTC or any similar BTC accelerator service.

Note that a site asking you to submit them your private keys is a scam site, do never send your private/seed keys to anybody

Which withdrawal options do I have ?

You can at any moment withdraw either.

  • Your profits


  • Your full balance ( investment & profits )

We do only support BTC as a withdrawal option.

  • On main dashboard click either " withdraw profits " or " withdraw all "
  • Once withdraw confirmed, you can transfer your funds to an external wallet

Withdrawals are processed once you confirm them in your dashboard.

For security reasons, withdrawals are re-verified manually and thus need between 24-96hours to get settled in your main balance in your dashboard before you can either reinvest them or send them to any external bitcoin ( BTC ) wallet.

Transfer time until the transaction gets confirmed on the Blockchain is out of our control and depends on different technical aspects related to the Blockchain itself.