Our story

Our job started in 2018 when some of our crypto holding friends, holding crypto, kindly asked us to manage their Bitcoins.

As skilled traders and asset managers fascinated about new technologies and particularly blockchain, we accepted the challenge.

In a matter of several months, the number of Invested Bitcoins exploded thanks to positive word-of-mouth.

In 2019, we launched an online platform to meet our community’s needs and management efficiency:

• Crypto management: we decided to pool our Bitcoins together and to manage them with different strategies. We have been working with famous crypto exchanges and strong liquidity providers.

• Transparency: we enabled users to track the daily valuation of their wallets and performances from anywhere at any time.

• Security: we signed an agreement with Ledger Vault which secures crypto held in our cold storages from hacking/theft up to 100M$.