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    Tired of traditional negative rates at your bank ?

    Looking for financial freedom by getting a passive income ?

  • The Problem

    Usually long-term investments, very low or even negative rates, complicated paperwork to signup for

  • The Solution

    Signup, load your wallet and transfer the balance to the fund

    Start getting financial independence & stability


Why is it safe ?

A few important aspects

  • Infrastructure

    Highly secured with multi-signatures and Leveraged Cutting-Edge Security

    Anti-DDOS Attack

  • Optimized risk and money management

    Only 45% of the fund is used to trade, the other 55% are being kept in cold storages for longterm investments

  • Smart contracts

    All transactions are running on smart contracts, thus giving additional security and transparency

The roadmap to your and our success

What are our major goals?


February 2020 Own Full Bitcoin Node

We run our own Full Bitcoin Node

March 2020 Website launch
  • We finalized our website and went live for everyone.
  • April 2020 Additional features
    • Our referral system is online.
    • Partial withdraw system is online.

    April 2020 Partnerships

    June 2020 Partnerships

    August 2020 Partnerships
Q4 2020 Dashboard, Whitepaper and Office(s)
  • Finalizing our Whitepaper
  • Redesign of the user dashboard
  • Incorporation of our office in Munich/Germany (1st October 2020)
  • Incorporation of our office in Luxembourg/Luxembourg (1st October 2020)
  • Incorporation of our office in Zug/Switzerland
Q4 2020 New features
  • Feature "tax statement"
  • Feature "account statement"
  • Feature "private/seed keys"
Q4 2020 Introducing ' reserve fund '
  • We will setup a reserve fund so that eventual losses will be covered
Beginning of 2021 Ethereum Fund

We will launch an Ethereum (ETH) Fund (testing phase started February 2021)

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We believe legal compliance is key to growing digital finance and hence we do comply with AML regulations.

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Funds management

Learn more about how our BTC fund is structured
More trust, Minimize risk, maximize rewards

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