Our Pools


Minimum Investment : 0.2 BTC
July 2019


Minimum Investment : 2.0 ETH
April 2021


Minimum Investment : 10,000.00 USDT/USDC
January 2022

Performances displayed are net of Performance Fee. Past performances do not guarantee future results.


Invest confidently in Professional Managed Pools

  • HODL Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether or USD Coin

    You maintain a belief in the potential development of the cryptocurrency market in the future and seek a reliable and effective means of generating passive income while safeguarding your crypto assets to the greatest extent possible.

  • Too many choices and low returns from other strategies?

    CeFi and Defi offer a wide range of passive income strategies that require some knowledge and daily monitoring. Further, the higher the amount of capitalization of your cryptocurrency assets, the lower the corresponding yield will be.

  • We manage your crypto at a fair value

    Similar to how conventional hedge funds are employed to invest fiat capital, we employ a proactive approach to manage our investment pools using diverse strategies in order to generate profits within the crypto market.


Why Crypto4Winners is safe?

Here are a few key aspects:

  • Anti-DDoS Attack

    Protected against Distributed Denial of Service attacks.

  • Optimized risk and money management

    Only 50% of the pool is allocated for trading, while the remaining 50% is held in cold storage for long-term investments.

  • Smart contracts

    All transactions are executed via smart contracts, providing additional security and transparency.

  • Risk mitigation

    Across multiple third-party trading platforms.

  • Infrastructure

    Highly secured with multi-signatures.

The roadmap to your and our success

What are our major goals?


Launch of the platform

February 2020 Own Full Bitcoin Node

Launch of our own Full Bitcoin Node

March 2020 Website launch
  • Website finalized and made live.

April 2020 Additional features
  • Referral system is online.
  • Partial withdraw system online.

April 2020 Partnerships

June 2020 Partnerships

August 2020 Partnerships
Q4 2020 Dashboard, Terms of Use and Office(s)
  • Finalizing our Terms of Use
  • Redesign of the user dashboard
  • Incorporation of our office in Munich/Germany (1st October 2020)
  • Incorporation of our office in Luxembourg/Luxembourg (1st October 2020)
  • Incorporation of our office in Zug/Switzerland
Q4 2020 New features
  • Feature "tax statement"

    (available Q3-Q4 2021)

  • Feature "account statement"

    (available Q3-Q4 2021)

Q4 2020 Introducing ' reserve pool '
  • We set up a reserve pool so that eventual losses will be covered
Beginning of 2021 Ethereum Pool
  • We launch an Ethereum (ETH) Pool (available since beginning of April 2021)
Q2 2021 Licence registration
  • Registration as a crypto pool with a financial supervising authority in Europe
Q3-Q4 2021 Core Updates
  • Update to v2 of our Core System
  • Introduction of a Global Crypto Pool with base currency USDT (multi-strategies)

Q1-Q2 2022 General Updates
  • Activation of automated KYC/KYB
  • New online chatbot
Q3-Q4 2022 User dashboard
  • Redesign
  • New features as per user requests

Q2 2023 New dashboard release
  • Global Crypto Pool: add of USDC for deposit and withdrawal
  • Completely redesigned and reprogrammed from scratch
  • New features & statistics
  • Fully responsive

Coming developments
  • Integration & Testing "off-exchange" solutions to guarantee your deposited assets
  • Emergency contact procedure / non access by the current user
  • Notifications on-the-fly
  • Obtaining additional crypto licences
  • Getting fully compliant for the new MiCA law
  • 5th anniversary and surprises

Know more about Crypto4Winners

Compliance & AML Policy
We believe legal compliance is key to growing digital finance and hence we comply with AML regulations.

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General Terms & Conditions
Learn more about how Crypto4Winners works, our legal framework and disclaimers.

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What is Crypto4Winners?

Crypto4Winners (referred as “C4W”) is a crypto-asset management platform existing since 2019. Click here to read more.

Is there a minimum investment balance required?

Yes, there is a minimum amount to be part of one of the pools. Click here to read more.

What about the fees?

We do charge a performance fee on the positive trades which means if you make profits we make profits too and only in this case. Click here to read more.

Company registration and licence

Crypto4Winners is a crypto-asset management platform existing since 2019. The platform is managed by C4Wave Capital K.B who acts as the Portfolio Manager of the 3 different pools: BTC, ETH and Global Crypto. Click here to read more.

How to invest?

First, you should invest only the crypto that you do not need

  • Sign up here
  • Select your account type
  • Fill the fields and click on Sign up
  • Copy/paste your confirmation code received by email
  • Click on the top right menu of your dashboard
  • Select Identity Verification
  • Fill all the fields and click on Update
  • Follow the KYC verification steps
  • Once your KYC is validated, you can now deposit BTC, ETH, USDT to your wallet